We moved to the Pocono's in 1998 on a small farm. I had taken a break from horses and decided to find a home where I could keep them right in the back yard. My daughter was born in 1998 and I now find myself concentrating on her love for horses and gladly taking a back seat watching her succeed and chasing her dreams. Her first pony was from Save a Dog. We later purchased a Pony whom no one wanted. He was saved by a few caring women willing to give him a chance, they spent months on the basics. He was a tough sell and a tough ride. We went to look at Stew and saw a diamond in the rough. We leased him and eventually bought him and it took weeks to come up with a show name. Little White Lies was a name we all agreed on. We boarded him for a few years at a great place which later moved and I brought him home and we created Little White Lies Farm. We are dedicating our fine line of equestrian jumps to this brave little guy. He has made us very proud while bringing my daughter up through the ranks. Stewie has won hundreds of blue ribbons. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised with our products.

Brooke hopes to someday follow in her idol Nona Garson's steps.

Brooke got her first leg up from Kenny Harlow, Amy Barini and Bronwyn Rowlands who volunteered endless hours on our pony project!!   Thanks Bronwyn
    Brooke & Nona Garson
      Nona's Pony M&M
Little White Lies Farm

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     Brooke & Stewie           Morgan & Jonah
Former barn mates and BFFE
  AKA Little White Lies  & Silent Mysteries                        RIP Jonah Sadly missed and loved by all
Brooke's pony Little White Lies & Nona Garson
Brooke & Nona Garson & Little White Lies
Nona Garson & Brooke Buckman & Houston Blue 2011